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As far away as it gets

If you manage to get as far as Al-Jaghbub, the first thing you should do is congratulate yourself. Extremely few non-Libyans ever do. However small-scale, the place is most certainly worth the visit. The oasis of Al-Jaghbub is located around Wadi Jaghbub, a river bed that is dry most of the year.
The town is made out of traditional houses, representing an authenticity very rare in modern Libya. Most of them are 2 storey, and use natural rock and palm trunks as building material. The oasis is another example of the ingenuity of the locals, and a wide range of fruits and vegetables are grown here, including dates, peppers, tomatoes, potatoe as well as grain.

Berber hilltop village

Old Derj is now completely abandoned in favour of a standard modern village. The old quarters are definitely worth a stop. Its lack of fame relates to it being after the villages of Nafusa Mountains, which are more appealing. Yet, passing by on your way to Ghadames, take an hour to walk around Derj. It may not be there for much longer time.

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