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Great rock carvings
Wadi Methkandoush has the finest rock carvings in Libya, and all is located within a very small area, across only 200 metres.
The main attraction is the Fighting Cats, as they are labelled (top photo). It is found high up on the cliff. In addition, the wadi offers fine carvings of elephants, giraffe, buffalos, flocks of ostriches, hippopotami and oxen, a crocodile and a fish.

Eat and Sleep
Most trips out here are done in a day, meaning that you use facilities in Ubari, with its simple hotel, or Germa, where it is possible to camp. In case of longer excursions, the tour company will arrange for what you need to spend the night in the desert.

Access out here is done by 4WD and a local guide. Except for the last stretch, it is not difficult terrain. The trip starts from Germa, and covers 150 km of beautiful desert.

Going Next
150 km northeast: Germa
200 km north: Ubari
200 km southwest: Acacus Mountains

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