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Ruins under the sand

As other ancient sites in Cyrenaica, Tulmaytha has a beautiful setting, making the most out of the plains meeting with the sea. This site has, however, most its potentials still underground.
Tulmaytha was established by Ptolemais in 4th century BC, and its importance continued during the Roman period, but with the arrival of the Arabs in the first half of the 7th century AD, it fell into decline.


There are enough things excavated here to make a visit to Tulmaytha worth while. The best thing here is the basilica from 5th century AD. Other structures excavated, include a Hellenistic palace, the forum, statues and plenty of fountains.
A visit to the museum is nice, and it has a good collection of everyday articles. Look out for the depictions of lions and tigers, which once lived in this area.

Discovering Tulmaytha involves quite a walk, and afterwards it will be tempting to jump into the sea, from one of the excellent, and almost deserted beach just a couple of hundred metres to the west.

Eat and Sleep
Tulmaytha itelf has nothing of hotels or restaurants, but there are such things in Al Marj 25 km south.

Taxis between Tulmaytha and either Tukra or Al Marj.

Going Next
25 km south: Al-Marj
35 km southwest: Tukra

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