The Cultural Heritage

The festivities and special occasions

The Libyan peoples are very proud with their culture, this culture is very rich and diversified, in addition to the historical sides that include the architectural forms and modes and the museums there are many other cultural elements that have particular attraction for the tourists.

    •  Crafts and masterpieces
    •  Meals, foods and cooking art
    •  Arts and music including the paintings and engravings
    •  The festivities and special occasions
    •  The folkloric songs and dances

From the historical point of view Libya was a source of many crafts and traditional industries that attract the tourists such as the traditional jewelry, the famous Ghadames slippers, and the main traditional industrial products that are still manufactured in the country include the potteries in Gharian, the industries based on palm trees such as the trays, the baskets, the palm leafs ventilators found in the oasis regions in the south, and the leather industries such as bags, belts and saddles as well as some steel products such as swords and daggers found in Ghat region.

In Libya we find different types of local and Arabic and Mediterranean meals and foods that attract greatly the tourists, furthermore the quality of fruits and vegetables and meats available in the country is of premium quality, and the living requirements and means such as bread are excellent and diversified.
The modern arts are considered a successful sector that is destined particularly to the tourist market, in the last years show rooms for the special arts have been organized where we find prosperous artistic works that attract tourists and visitors, moreover the traditional music is available at a large extent in the country, it is exposed particularly in the cultural festivals.

Special festivals and occasions are organized regularly in many locations in Libya, the most important ones are the tourist festivals that are organized annually in the cities situated in oasis such as Ghadames, Ghat, Hun and the Green Mountain and Western Mountain regions as well as Tripoli, the festivals that are organized in the old cities in the oasis are particularly delightful and have an important attraction aspect for the tourists due to the occasion that it offers to watch the traditional folkloric dances and music and songs and the show of the customs and traditions in an original historical feeling.

The festivities and special occasions