Libya is overlooking the Mediterranean sea with a marine façade with about 2000km length. The Libyan beaches are considered among the longest Arab and African coasts overlooking the Mediterranean. The Libyan beaches are distinguished with their variety of its landscapes where they differ from sand vast beaches with palms growth and rocky beaches overlooking directly high hills as the case is in Eljabel Elakhdar area. The Libyan coast line is featured by its straightness except for some parts which are distinguished by the existence of topographic and morphologic marks, such as coastal zigzags, sea capes, rocky tongues, islands, hills and raising rocky formations adding an importance to the coastal landscapes. The most famous gulfs is that of Sirte, as to the most important sea capes is Ras-Jedir, and the big islands is that of Farwa near the west coast of the country. 
The westen Zwara and eastern Mellita and Telil beaches, located western Sabratha, as well as Farwa Island, Tripoli area, Elkhoms, Zliten and Misurata beaches are considered the most important beaches, located western the country, where they are distinguished by their depth, while smooth sands, palms trees, grasses, sand dunes, covered with small trees and forests representing the background of these beaches. There are some small beaches having international tourist potentialities, such as Bessis, Nekaza beaches located between Elgarabolli and Elkhoms, and in the northeast part, in Benghazi area exactly, beautiful beaches extend, distinguished with its smooth sands. Most thereof were developed in a form of summer resorts to satisfy the demand of the local tourist market to spend holidays and leaves. There are vaster beach areas located in the northeastern Benghazi towards Tukra and extend until Tulemitha featured with the depth of its beaches, the matter that qualifies it to develop small summer resorts for international tourists, in addition to the existence of a number of distinct beaches between Elhaniya and Ras-Alhamama, near Sousse city. Towards the east from Sousse towards Derna, coastal landscape, often fascinating, are available.
The beaches located near main urban areas such Tripoli and Benghazi are attractive in general during the summer months for the local population where beach resorts and tourist villages represent the one of favorite elements for the local tourist market. 
In general, the Libyan beaches gives several entertainment opportunities, where the most thereof the enjoyment of the landscapes fascinanting aestheticism as well as the practice of aquatics of different types, further to the possibility to develop entertainment complementary activities, such as sea diving and sea sports using boats.